Durham Home Cleaners

Durham Home Cleaners

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Clean Counter Tops,Load Dishwashers,Wipe Appliances,Inside And Out Of Microwaves,Sweep,Vacuum And Mop Floors,Sanatize Sinks,Polish All Stainless Steel,Cobweb Removal,Patio Doors


          Clean Tub, Sinks, Glass Doors
             Toilets, Counters, Mirrors,    

              Sweep Vacuum and Mop 
                    and Vacuum Rugs.  

           All Bedrooms And Other Area's 

                                                                                   Dust Pictures, Light Fixtures
                                                                                              Decorative Objects,Mirror's 

                                                                                                Vacuum and Mop Floors      

                                                                                           We also offer special cleaning

                                                                                                         Oven cleaning 
                                                                                                   Refrigerator Cleaning 

                                                                                                        Cabinet Cleaning 
                                                                                                 Post-Construction Cleaning